• Since 1810 in Bremen

    Seit 1810 am Standort Bremen
  • 70 steps to the final cutlery

    70 Arbeitsschritte bis zum fertigen Besteck
  • Quality inspection by hand

    Qualitätsprüfung per Hand


Exclusive cutlery and table accessories made from sterling silver and in high-quality silver plating using the best manufacturing tradition since 1810.

Our silver and silver-plated cutlery has been manufactured in the Hanseatic city of Bremen in Northern Germany since our company was founded in 1810. Wilkens is the oldest brand of silver in the world. We are proud of this fact and see this unrivalled history as an incentive to maintain the fascination associated with it and continue to fill it with new inspirations.

Our products distinguish themselves by much more than just their function. Our experienced staff put more than 200 years of tradition and craftsmanship, passion and love of detail and perfection into each and every single piece of cutlery and accessory.

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